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Anime Blend S will be rebroadcast from April!


Anime Blend S will be rebroadcast from April!

It has been decided that th anime Blend S will be rebroadcast on TOKYO MX from April 13th. At the same time,This work is a working comedy that depicts the interaction of employees in the coffee shop "Stille". It was made into a TV animation in 2017, and popular voice actors such as Azumi Waki , Akari Kito , and Anzu Haruno appeared, and the unit "Blend-A" consisting of three people was in charge of the theme song and became popular.

Original: Miyuki Nakayama

Steele members have gag, attributes, romance, and a wonderful animation that is tightly packed with fluffy, both first-timers and those who have been fans since the time of broadcasting, watch a lot repeatedly I hope you enjoy it!

Director: Ryouji Masuyama Since

this work is the director's debut work, I would like to thank Professor Nakayama of the original work, fans who supported me, and all the staff again!
Since the whole story will be rebroadcast with the release of the Blu-ray Disc Box, those who have not seen it will open the door of Steele, and I think that a new encounter and awakening with Ichika and others are waiting for the director. It is exhausted.
We are Steele !!

Ichika Sakuranomiya: Azumi Waki

​​"Blend S" is a very memorable work for me, so I'm very happy to release the rebroadcast + Blu-ray Disc Box after a few years!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in Steele again ♪ It's
a warm and laughable work, so I'd like you to feel free to watch it, and I'd be happy if you could be thrilled by the cute de S part of Mr. Ichika. ♪

Kaho Hinata :

Congratulations on the rebroadcast of Akari Kito 's anime "Blend S" and the release of the Blu-ray Disc Box!
"Blend S" is a really very important work for me, and I'm very happy that there is an opportunity for many people to know and love such a treasure-like work again!
I would like fans from the time of the anime broadcast to look back while remembering that time, and I think that those who will see it from now on will definitely be addicted to it, so I hope you enjoy it!

Mafuyu Hoshikawa: Anzu

Haruno A world that I love to be healed, smile, and tear a little, but somehow glittering.
We hope that you will make many new discoveries by watching the Blu-ray Disc Box, reruns, and manga anytime and many times.
It's a work that I personally spent a lot of time so that I could remember various things like yesterday.
Suddenly, it's been four and a half years since I confessed.
Everyone loves it, but if you want to force it, it's actually Hideri-chan's recommendation.
Who is your recommendation?
If anyone wants to see or read "Blend S" from now on, there is a child named Mafuyu-san, who is very cute, so please recommend it.

Miu Amano: Atsumi Tanezaki

"Blend S Blu-ray Disc Box" is on sale!
And rebroadcast! Hey!
Miu Amano is a strange ... I'm in charge of the voice of a wonderful and funny older sister!
Do you know a coffee shop called Steele?
Well, I don't know! Also those who say!
Yes, of course! Also those who say!
Take this opportunity ...!
Please enjoy the hospitality with the heart of Steele ...!
Thank you !!

Hideri Kanzaki: Sora Tokui

Professor Nakayama, thank you very much for your serialization!
And congratulations on the release of the Blu-ray Disc Box!
It was a lot of fun to be able to participate as Hiderin (Heart)
There are lots of memories such as character songs and events as well as the main part of the animation!
I'm very happy to see everyone in Steele again on the rerun!
There are many cute scenes of Hiderin, so I definitely want you to see them ( Heart)
I will continue to love "Blend S"!

Dino: Tomoaki Maeno

I remember doing dubbing just recently.It was a scene of constant laughter, and no matter how many times you look at it through your work, you will surely feel the atmosphere.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Ichika-san and everyone again on the Blu-ray Disc Box and reruns!

Autumn leaves: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

The memories of "Blend S" were all events that made me smile.
All the memories of laughing all the time with Dr. Nakayama, Director Masuyama, the staff, and all the cast members come to my mind.
Hopefully, we hope you enjoy the animation again along with the original, and we'll be happy if our voices and movements of the pictures are reproduced in your brain.
As per the OP of Blend-A, all the staff are welcome to come back to the store.
Of course, including the owne

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