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Does the 3rd generation iPhone SE have increased battery capacity?

Does the 3rd generation iPhone SE have increased battery capacity?

The 3rd generation new iPhone SE (2022) announced by Apple on March 9, 2022 is disassembled by many YouTubers immediately after its release, and the internal structure is being investigated.A survey conducted by the overseas YouTube channel "PBK reviews" revealed the battery capacity of the new iPhone SE.

According to it, the battery capacity of the 3rd generation iPhone SE was 2018 mAh . Considering that the 2nd generation (2020) was 1821mAh and the 1st generation (2016) was 1624mAh, the battery capacity is increasing by about 200mAh every year. As a result, the battery size is larger than that of the 2nd generation, and it is said that the video playable time has increased by 2 hours compared to the previous generation.

In addition, the shape of the battery connector has changed slightly between the 2022 model and the predecessor, so it seems that the 2016 model battery can not be diverted. Regarding the display, although the connector part does not change, the touch input was disabled when the iPhone recognized it, and it was not possible to divert it.
It is also known that Qualcomm's Snapdragon X57 was installed in the communication modem in the disassembly by Nikkei Crosstech of domestic media. Qualcomm's modem list didn't have this model number, so it's likely a custom modem designed for Apple.

One of the great advantages of the iPhone is its power saving, which surpasses that of other Android smartphones. The system level power control is very good, and it has a long life even with a relatively small battery capacity. It seems that you can expect even better battery performance for this new iPhone SE than before.
In the future, it is expected that more detailed abilities will be revealed by analysis by iFixit, a professional in disassembly / repair and analysis, and PhoneBuff, who has a reputation for detailed comparison using robots.

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