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The Wings of Rean: Soundtrack's first sound source BD and CD will be released


he Wings of Rean: Soundtrack's first sound source BD and CD will be released

The original soundtrack of the anime "The Wings of Rean" directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino was released on March 28th on Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and others. "The Wings of Rean" was animated based on the novel published by Director Tomino in 1983 and distributed in 2005. The soundtrack will be made into a sound source for the first time and will be distributed. Blu-ray Disc (BD) and soundtrack CD are scheduled to be released in 2023.


Director Tomino said, "I was only happy that the music accompanying the play of" The Wings of Rean "was in the hands of Yasuo Higuchi, a composer who was endowed with a natural talent. It wasn't popular because it was a work, but thanks to this song, I'm getting the happiness that makes me want to see it again. Even though more than 30 years have passed, the media Due to changes in the environment, the happiness of being able to meet again is due to the fact that there are people who watch it, so I am truly grateful. "


Yasuo Higuchi, who was in charge of the music, also commented. Mr. Higuchi said, "I will write while remembering 17 years ago. Because of the music meeting with Director Tomino, it seems that the company of Sunrise was the place where I got on a private railway and walked from the station to the shopping street. "There is a small room that follows the big room, and we have a meeting there," he recalled. "The director came in from the big room. The door was left open. The director said," When I enter this room and close the door, over there. The doors are open because some people are worried that the director may be talking about something secret. "I always do that so that everyone doesn't get anxious. I want you to write music with that kind of concern. "The rest is the only important music meeting in the chat."


I thought,'Hmm, I could do a riddle,' but I decided to say,'If so, this is also a riddle.' I chose one and put it on the wall. A picture of Byston Well that looks like it is from a drone now. I can write as much as I want once the world view is decided. Inspired by that picture, I wrote 36 riddle music in haste. On the day of the recording, Director Tomino also came and listened to it while sitting on the floor of the control room. It looked like he didn't care so much about it. If he didn't like it, he must have returned quickly. Oh, I'm glad I didn't get angry. "

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