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Rumor What might the iPhone 14 Pro series look like?

The iPhone 14 series has a lot of information and speculation about the pros and cons of the survival of the notch, but a CAD rendered image that is said to be the iPhone 14/14 Pro has appeared. The iPhone 14 Pro was reported by 91 Mobiles, and the iPhone 14 was reported by MySmartPrice.
However, it should be noted that the source of this information is anonymous in both media and lacks credibility.
In the CAD rendered image of iPhone 14 reported by MySmartPrice, the notch is adopted following iPhone 13, and it seems that the form does not change significantly.

iPhone 14 series

On the other hand, although the placement of the camera does not change, the thickness around the camera seems to increase a little. I want you to keep it to the extent that you can eliminate the step in the case.
Also, it seems that the charging port is still a Lightning terminal on the iPhone 14. It seems that it is obviously better for the environment to change the Lightning terminal before removing the charger by advocating SDGs.

I don't see the Apple logo, but it's not uncommon to omit such markings in CAD and rendered images, and it's unlikely that you'll remove the apple logo, which is one of the iPhone's identities.
Other than that, there is no particular difference from the iPhone 13. The media also said that the large-screen iPhone 14 Max, which is misplaced with the iPhone mini series, will have a similar design.
On the other hand, in the iPhone 14 Pro reported by 91Mobiles, as expected, the characteristic notch has disappeared, and instead, it is described as "like laying down the" i "", which is also a unique punch hole. doing. The speaker has been moved to the upper bezel, but the bezel thickness is still the same on all sides.


Apple will clearly say that the iPhone 14/14 Max will have the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13 series, and the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max series will have the latest A16 chip. It may change to a posture that makes a difference.
91Mobiles makes no other clear difference, and the charging port remains Lightning.

iPhone 14 Pro series look like?

According to previously reported information, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a significant resolution improvement to a 48-megapixel camera, and as reported by the CAD rendering of the iPhone 14, the thickness around the camera will increase. There may be.

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