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The naming sense of "swastika" that is too exquisite


The popular manga "BLEACH" is gaining attention again as the new anime series "BLEACH Millennium Blood Battle" is scheduled to be broadcast from October 2022. 
Speaking of the charm of this work, the coolness of the mystery "Bankai" that the gods of death unleash from "Zanpakuto".

 Not to mention the excellence of its ability setting, the naming sense is also outstanding. In the first place, the word "swastika" itself is already too fascinating ... This time, we will introduce the "swastika", which has a particularly excellent name, by classifying it from three perspectives.

* In this article, there is a description about the contents of "Thousand Year Blood War" which has not been broadcast in animation yet. Please be careful if you have not read the original manga.

● "Swastika" that is no longer the prototype of "starting solution"

 Former Twelveth Captain Kisuke Urahara's Zanpakuto "Red Princess" becomes "Kannon Kai Benihime Kai Me" when "swastika". In addition to the cheat-class ability to "recreate what you touch," what is even more worrisome is the transformation of the name. Since it was unveiled at the end of the work, many readers would have been shocked at that time.

 The "swastika" by Chojiro Samurai, the deputy captain of the Ichiban Squad, is not inferior to such "Kannon Kaikouhime Kaime". It seems that there will be a change from "Gonryomaru" to "Koukougonryoriku" (I was also surprised that I had mastered the "swastika" in the first place. ).

 On the other hand, the "Swastika" by Retsu Unohana, the captain of the 4th division, has an unusual name. "Initial solution" is "Meat drop food" (* The food is officially "concubinage") and "Minazuki". And "swastika" is written as "everyone" and read as "Minazuki".

 The details of "all-out" are unknown for "meat-drop food" that has the ability to recover, but its horror makes you feel dead. It can be said that Kubo Tite-sensei's unique sense is an overly exquisite technique that gives the opposite meaning in the same reading.


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