Brook, could he be the first person with 2 devil fruits? One Piece


Now, brook doesn't have 2 devil fruits however he most likely could.
What brooks Yomi Yomi no mi does is enhancement of the soul to that level of ressurection on first death and some other soul abilities, after all this is why he is the soul king and not Big Mom. However, what if brook was alive and would eat another fruit? he would die.


But with the Yomi Yomi no mi he would revive, letting his soul have 2 devil fruits of any kind. Now imagine him having Soru Soru no mi before Big Mom, the true soul king controlling every soul existing. It is a theory, but hey it might be real.


  1. Hello?! Marshall D. Teach aka. Blackbeard is the first 2 Devil Fruit User. If Brook could acquire 2 Devil Fruit, that makes him the 2nd, not the 1st.

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