How the People of Wano will be cured of the Smile Effect

How the People of Wano will be cured of the Smile Effect

This theory is kinda small and doesn’t have direct references so bear with me.You remember all the way back in Hiriluk’s flashback we find out he found an all healing medicine or panacea on a mountain surrounded by flower petals?

My theory is that in the Post-Wano Arc, Chopper will remember Hiriluk saying this and will find the All Healing Medicine in Mt. Fuji. This will allow him to create the medicine that will heal the smile fruit condition from all the people of Wano, and doing so will end the arc with them leaving the arc while it’s covered in flower petals.

 This will not only be a reference to the end of Drum Island Arc but will also serve to reveal that Wano was indeed the place WB and Roger chatted at years ago. They’ll reveal that JoyBoy left the medicine, a small part of or maybe a hint to the true nature of, the One Piece, in the mountain knowing that it would help people smile again when they were oppressed to the point of not being able to. Wano Act 5 will close on the flower petals flowing all throughout Wano. This would be a perfect way to build up to Laugh Tale and to prove we are indeed in the end game.

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