Momo's Devil Fruit Powers and the third Ancient Weapon

Vegapunk completely succeeded in making a Devil Fruit. He had made a Devil Fruit without Failure.

 So far in the Story we see no Drawbacks in Momo's fruit in fact it looks like it works just as intended if not better. Momo after acquiring this new power is able to find confidence and is moved by Luffy's Words again and again . He has not begun to go insane or done anything out of the ordinary, not even the effects we see in the Smiles

Why then was this Dragon fruit considered a Failure ?
Why was it abandoned with the Factory ?
Why had vegapunk moved on from this fruit so easily ?

I believe that Vegapunk did make a completely functioning Zoan devil fruit but it was just not the one he intended to make.
 He Made a Hito Hito no mi Model:Kaido.

Instead of copying the DNA/Spirit of the Dragon from the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu (Kaido's fruit), He Copied Kaido's DNA/Spirit. That might be the reason why we see such similarity in their Zoan form as well. We have seen how even after a Zoan Transformation the person's face looks similar to their Original form (Rob Lucci, Kaku) but this is not the Case for Momo.

As I mentioned above we see Momo slowly becoming confident when he attains this new Power, also we notice his unparallell devotion/trust in Luffy. This might be the other side of the coin we see in Kaido as Big Mom treats Kaido as if he was a Pesky Scrawny brat and we see Kaido's Devotion/trust in Joyboy.

This may not be the first creation of a Zoan Fruit. This might in fact be the origin of Zoan Fruits or even Devil Fruits in general. The copy of Spirit/DNA of a strong creature seeped into a Fruit.

A machine that could make devil fruits was created by Vegapunk and probably in the past by the advanced nation we heard about. A Machine so powerful that it could make a normal man get unimaginable power. A Machine that could replicate the powers of an Enemy and give it to another individual. A Machine that was capable of turning the current of a War.
To me that sounds like an Ancient Weapon Uranus.

Uranus, it Encompass everything except the water. A machine that could give a person unimaginable power everywhere except the Sea.

As soon as Vegapunk realized what he had created, he destroyed it, fearing the endless destruction it would cause. He may or may not have thought it is a Ancient Weapon but it sure was deadly.

Maybe this machine still exists somewhere hidden, Maybe at God Valley. The continued existence of this Machine is what causes the Devil Fruits to be born again and again repeatedly

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