Shanks's True secret powers revealed I One Peace.

This theory talks about Shanks' speed and how he can move his body simultaneously at a crazy speed in a way no other character in One Piece can.In the Chapter 1, Luffy was fighting with the mountain bandits in Fosha village, and the first to arrive from the Red-Haired Pirates was Shanks and alone.

After Shanks arrives and talks to the bandits, we notice the arrival of his crew after him. Coincidentally? I do not think so!We continue the first chapter with the bandit leader fleeing to the sea and throw Luffy out of the boat, and then Shanks arrived to them.

We also notice that after Luffy was battling the waves of the sea from drowning and the presence of the lake monster, Shanks arrived, the sea monster opened his mouth and closed it and with crazy speed Shanks saved Luffy just like a plink on an eye.

As shown in the frame, coz of Shanks insane speed, we couldn’t see him until he saved Luffy, knowing that swimming slows down everything, no matter how strong or fast it is, but Shanks as if he appeared out of nowhere!  Coincidence again?  I don’t think so!

We continue the story and now in chapter 434 when Shanks arrives to meet the GOAT Whitebeard.

Whitebeard threw sake on Shanks, but Shanks while sitting moved at a crazy speed without standing and avoided the large sake jar, and this thing is more clear in the anime than the manga.teleportation? time control?  Speeding abilities?  It is not clear!  Some may suspect that everyone moves like this using Observation Haki!  But we've never seen anyone move like that except Shanks!

We continue to Chapter 579 in Marineford. Everyone is there, the Shichibukai, the Admirals, Vice-Admirals, all forces of the Marine and even Garp and Sengoku was there, and in the heat of the battle when Kobe stood in the face of Akainu.
Akainu directs his volcanic fist at Kobe's face, and suddenly, out of nowhere, Shanks counters his fist, Everyone is shocked how he got there!  Doesn't anyone of those have an Observation Haki?

Also, at the same time, we notice the arrival of the Red-Haired Pirates ship after him, just like what happened in Chapter 1!  Despite being in a SCUFFLE the day before with the King of the Beasts, Yonko Kaido himself!

As all One Piece fans knew, with Oda sensei, there are no coincidences, only hints and foreshadowing of what's to come, and this happened in many things throughout the story.We go further in the manga and reach chapter 907 in the middle of the Reverie, Shanks, without any introduction, is alone with the Heads of the World Government, "The Gorosei".

Shanks is inside the Pangaea Castle in The Holy Land Mary Geoise, full of soldiers, Vice Admirals and Admirals!  How did he arrive?  Is it possible that the security is bad in this place that contains the Empty Throne and Im-sama?Perhaps Shanks' speed, Haki, or whatever power Oda gave him allowed him to enter and reach the Gorosei's Hall without making a fuss and no one knowing.

In addition to that, the literal English translation of Shanks means "leg". Is Shanks' strength and fighting style using his legs just like Sanji? Is that what his speed comes from? Oda's hints are endless.This is all what appeared in the story so far about Shanks' illogical moves which became more logical now. In the future all of this will be clarified when we see Shanks in the upcoming battles.

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