Suke Suke no mi and its potential dangers One Piece

Suke Suke no mi and its potential dangers One Piece


Suke suke no mi (Clear-Clear Fruit) was the power of Absalom and later on passed on to Shiryu of the Rain, former head jailer and current Blackbeard pirates' Captain of the 2nd Ship.

Suke suke no mi power is to make its user invisible. In the world of observation-haki users, being invisible might not look like a big advantage but what if it's awakened?

When the fruit is not awakened(I don't think Absalom could awaken a fruit), it still could make the targets touched by the user become invisible. (Nami was made invisible by Absalom).

When thinking about possible awakening of Suke Suke no Mi, only one thing comes to my mind:

Being able to turn anything or anyone invisible even while not touching them.

In the Wano Arc, we have seen the importance of battle tactics. Every unit counts. Even tho most of those units didn't have observation haki, they were still important assets to their captains and allies.

So now imagine 5000 invisible units ambushing 5000 enemy units. Even if observation haki users realize the situation, there is a limit to their countermeasures.

Shiryu will use an awakened Suke Suke no Mi to ambush Grand Fleet in the last war between Blackbeard pirates and the Strawhats & Grand fleet.

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