The True Potential of Zoan Powers one piece


Zoan Powers one piece

Originally, we thought that all Zoan awakenings looked like this. Giant, bulky versions of the user's hybrid form. Prior to 1044,these were the only confirmed awakened Zoans in the series.

But in Chapter 1044, we found out that not only is Luffy actually a Zoan user, he's also now an awakened user as well. Compared to the Jailer Beasts, Luffy's awakening is radically different.

Zoan Powers one piece

We find out from the Elders and Kaido what Luffy's awakening is and how it was achieved. Kaido's statement seems to apply to all Devil Fruit users, but might the Elders' apply to other Zoan users as well?

If Zoan awakenings all grant their users greater freedom, this could explain some of the weird transformations we've seen from characters like Kaido and Marco. They may be awakened users with greater control over their form.

It may also explain the drug induced forms we've seen from Chopper and Black Maria. They are sort of "cheating" at their awakenings. Lucci may be doing something similar with the Six Powers.

This might be how we get the grown up versions of Chopper. If he properly awakens his fruit, he could use the freedom it provides to create a new hybrid form that better fits his age.

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