A Major Character Has Died In The Manga | One Punch Man


One Punch Man manga is on trending because of some events happening in the manga. Ch. 166 shocked most of the fans, as a major character died in it. Who Died?   

In the latest Chapter, Garou killed a major character. It's none other then Genos. Genos has been killed by Garou in the manga. We saw Blast, Genos and many more fighting with Garou and as always Saitama was late.  

 Genos was very close to Saitama, they were living in the same house. When Saitama saw dead body of Genos, he can't control his rage and gave a serious punch to Garou. Blast said "T-This energy..!? This is bad!! Earth will be scattered!".   It's not confirmed whether Genos is dead or not. But yeah, his body can't be repaired easily now.

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