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“Binks sake” theory

THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS TO SOME PEOPLE. This is gonna be kinda long but I have a theory that the song “binks sake” song is actually a hint towards the tale roger read on laugh tale.

So for starters we know this song has been around since Brook was a captain because he stated he knew the song since roger was a rookie. We also know the song was widely known by every pirate in the OP world.

So now we can break down the lyrics. The lyric “we a pirates sailing through the sea” self explanatory this states this is a tale about pirates. Now onto the next lyric “waiving our goodbyes. We’ll never meet again” this tells us they are setting out on an adventure they won’t return from and a little before this line they state “as we all set sail to the ends of the sea”. Based off what we know laughtale is the last island in the new world so we can assume they are heading there to deliver “binks sake”

this last line is what got me really thinking “never-ending-ever wandering our funny traveling tale”. When roger went to laugh tale he and his crew were laughing after reading joyboys tale and the last line of “binks sake” states they have a “never-ending-ever wandering. Our funny traveling tale” these things are oddly line up. A story about a crew delivering sake wanting to go to the last island and are making a funny tale on the adventures knowing they will never return.

I have some lines that will also assume joy boy is with them and the crew is actually lunarians. So first lunarians we know king has wings a common thing with his race and the song states “the waves are our pillow. The ship our roost” a “roost” is a common place birds go at night to rest, this line can hint toward the crew having wings because it is also stated “the birds sing as they draw circles in the sky” . Birds draw circles because of something called “thermals” what this is is uneven heating in the sky. King can manipulate fire on his body which will create uneven heating thus the birds are circling.

And the joy boy line is a little reach but here it is “now the waves are dancing. Beat upon the drums” we know joy boys heart beat is that of drums so they very well could have had him with. That’s my theory on “binks sake” being the laugh tale and the tale of joy boy and his crew

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