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Could their be a 4th category of devil fruits ? Maybe it’s kept secret or so rare ppl mistake them or they are a new species of fruit that vegapunk created but I believe there are hybrid fruits.

what is a hybrid fruit. Well in real life hybrid fruits are When farmers use natural selection to naturally grow specific kinds of fruits. For example blue tomatoes are tomatoes that were grown from 2 species of tomatoes that had different qualities thus breeding a new species.

There are many fruits you may not know are hybrids like straw berry and pineapple

some you never heard of like the nectaplum which is a nectarine and a plum

so what would a devil fruit version be ?

first off I don’t believe eating 2 devil fruits is a death sentence, if that was true then it creates a plot hole. Bege was looking for a means to assassinate big mom but if it was this simple why couldn’t he just get a devil fruit hide it in a cake then give the cake to big mom who will consume it without question and blow up or something.

when the WG was trying to assassinate kaido they used spears that shattered they used a chain to hang him but it broke a guillotine that bent, nothing they did could kill him.

why not just throw a devil fruit down his mouth ?

the answer is that eating 2 devil fruits are not a death sentence.At the same time they are also not an automatic power up.

there has to be a reason why it doesn’t work but also why the WG doesn’t want ppl to test it out.

Perhaps the answer is that it does nothing unless it’s a specific fruit, you might get sick but you can recover no problem but if you eat a specific fruit you just evolve.

I believe devil fruits have a inherited will thing of their own and has a symbotic relationship with the user.

it works like one for all in my hero.

the quirk is passed down and every time it passes it takes a little copy of the previous user and adds it to the lineage allowing it to grow stronger and stronger evolving the quirks as they go and it can only be given to specific kinds of ppl.

a devil fruit gains power as it’s consumed and passed on in a cycle that’s what the swirl represent the swirls represent the cycle of rebirth and judge used the same method to create his children.

the more a fruit is consumed the stronger it gets which is why sabo was so quickly getting the hang of the fruit because 1. The flame fruit was slightly stronger thanks to Ace and 2. Because a part of Ace will was absorbed by the fruit it naturally bonded with sabo allowing him to adapt quicker.

but also maybe there are some fruits that gain new abilities if they are combined with another fruit.

a hybrid fruit is a fruit that takes the qualities of one devil fruit and another and combines them to create a whole new kind of devil fruit.

luffy is one of these people. He are the nika fruit which I believe is a hybrid.

The original fruits were the nika fruit which was a weaker fruit which was based off of the concept of hanuman the monkey king. The fruit gave you the ability to be free and this meant being able to transform yourself into a being like what we saw in gear 5th however the power itself was pretty useless. It just gave you the freedom in concept but in use it didn’t do anything until it was fused with the rubber fruit which allowed it to really stretch and be free creating the fruit we know today.

another is robin.

there is no way robin is a flower type fruit it is t very flowery like other than the fact her fruit looks like a flower.

I believe the true fruit is a hybrid of the human human fruit model mahadevi. Mahadevi is a Hindu god and this can be used to explain her demonic form in wano.

i have an old theory I wrote about robin which I will include in the comments.

It was combined with the sprout sprout fruit which allows the user to sprout their limbs around them mahadevi + sprout = flower.

then there is sugar who’s like 3 devil fruit powers at once.

she can turn you into a toy.

she can make people forget about your existence

she can turn anyone into a slave as long as she makes the contract with them.

another example are all mythological zoans which seem to be a zoan fused with a paramecia.

so for example, Marco ate the bird bird fruit model .....( insert any bird you want that looks like that it doesn’t matter ) fused with the heal heal fruit. Marco uses flames to heal himself but your going to have to get creative with that name as it doesn’t fit the system. So combine the fruit and you get the Phoenix fruit.

orochi is the snake fruit + I don’t know the head fruit ? The ability to turn into a snake combined with the ability to regrow your head and even grow more heads. = orochi

there might be other examples of mythical zoans and other kinds of fruits but you get the point.

finally black beard this is why bb is also weird. He doesn't have a hybrid he literally has 2 devil fruits

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