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Norse Mythology and the voice of all things

Hi, I've had this theory kind of formulating in my head for the past months, it's something that lines up very well with one piece that just can't be a coincidence to me. Now, we know that Elbaf is heavily tied to Norse Mythology. I'm Swedish myself so the ancient mythology of our lands is something that is taught early in school. What stands out to me is one story in particular. The story of "MĂ­misbrunnr" or "Mimirs Well". Mimir was a giant who guarded a well, a well that lied by one of the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Now, whoever drank from this well gained the ability to see and hear all things. One day, Odin the head of the Nordic gods came down to the well. Mimir there asked him to sacrifice one eye in order to drink from the well and Odin did.

Now, this is where the theory comes in. I have been going back an forth through my head trying to figure out who sacrificed what, was it an eye literally? Was it an island, a hidden treasure perhaps. I was going back and reading old chapters and the wiki to learn about the details of who could have done it until I made the oh so obvious discovery that it propably was Kozuki Oden. Other than it literally being the same name as the nordic god (Oden is simply Odin in Swedish) it makes sense, he traveled with the Roger pirates and at some point probably made it to Elbaf where he found the well. This might have been where Roger got the ability from as well and that it is passed down to the person that carries on your will. Luffy and Momonosuke. The symbol of eyes are well known in the OP community and the fact that the only race that genetically possess the ability is the three eyed tribe. Eyes again.

To summarize the first part. I believe that Oden and Roger discovered a well on elbaf that when drank from gives the ability of the voice of all things. (Read about "Mimirs well") and that it is passed down to whoever inherits their will. Lufy and Momo.

Now what could they have sacrificed? Well none of them sacrificed an eye in the literal sense but one thing it could be is that they either sacrificed their lordship in a sense. Roger sacrificed his status as the pirate king and Oden his kingdom of Wano. It could be loved ones. Both of them lost their wives? I don't know. I don't think I'm grasping at straws here. If you could even entertain my theory and maybe contribute something I would greatly appreciate it. I could be complete nutjob but I have a feeling I might be on to something! Thank You! // LionLink

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