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Hey guys. A couple of chapters ago, when seeing the Jinbe Seraphim, I thought that if the real Jinbe faced his Seraphim counterpart, he would potentially gain a power up, and the same could apply to almost all the other Warlords if it ever happens. But due to the recent reveal of Vegapunk having a history with Dragon, as well as the fact that the Government has sent CP0 to eliminate him & his family, I have a feeling that we may not get a battle between the Warlords & the Seraphim in the near/distant future.

However, I do believe that they will each gain a power up that will be necessary for them in the final saga. Which may also include remembering some of their most tragic moments, as well as revealing it in front of their respective followers. Thus leading them to overcome it, and become the best versions of themselves that they can be.

For this blog, I will be telling be you my own thoughts & opinions on what power ups will the Warlords respectively gain, whether it is enhanced Haki of any kind, or awakening their Devil Fruit powers. But the only Warlords I'll exclude are Jinbe, Moriah, Weevil, Law, and Kuma. So without further ado, let's begin.


After seeing what happened in the event of Chapter 1059, despite being saved by Rayleigh at the last minute, it's no surprise that the Pirate Empress is in need of a power up if she ever wishes to help Luffy & the Kuja tribe in the events to come.

Now I cannot be sure if she is in need of advanced Haki since she is a fairly experienced user of it. But I can say that she may need to awaken her DF after learning that Teach & the Government were after it!

And speaking of the Government, it wouldn't be too surprising that they may have learned about Hancock's past as a slave of the Celestial Dragon, as well as how she got her powers.

Although I don't know exactly how, where, & when they'll reveal her secret in front of the Kuja tribe. But on the off chance it does happen, I can see some of Hancock's people asking her why she & her sisters didn't tell them the truth, and show them how selfish & evil men are, and why they can't be trusted! And assuming they end up getting the idea that she was only being nice to Luffy & Rayleigh was because they would reveal her secret if she didn't do as they say, Hancock will correct them by saying that they are different, along with a speech where she tells them that there are many kinds of people outside their borders, and they shouldn't let the experience of 1 group of men convince themselves that they are all the same!

Now I can't say that a speech where Hancock convinces her people to NEVER despise all men like she did will be exactly how she awakens her DF to its full potential. But if it does happen around that time, then this could be an opportunity to confirm whether it is a Legendary Zoan like Luffy's Nika Fruit (specifically that of the Earth God, the Medusa/Gorgon Fruit, or surprisingly both), or at least a powerful Paramica Type that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands!

After telling you the speculation of 1 Warlord, let's continue with the others.


Ever since the chapter when Buggy became an Emperor along with Luffy, I believed that the Genius Jester had a God Usopp moment during the time when the Marines invaded his base. Which would have been a decent way to show that he deserved it.

Unfortunately, Chapter 1058 revealed that he got the Emperor title by mistake, and he is merely a figurehead for the group - Cross Guild, which was actually founded by Crocodile!

However, I still believe that Buggy will have a moment to prove everyone that he is worthy of the Emperor status. Which may involve telling all his followers that despite being a former member of Roger's crew & a brother figure of his fellow Emperor Shanks, he is not as powerful as they say he is! Thus leading some of them to be shocked & upset!

But around that time, similar to when Usopp subconsciously used his Observation Haki for the 1st time, Buggy will awaken the true power of his Chop Chop Fruit, and i would not be surprised it is another DF that the Government wanted (& its real name is the Atom Atom Fruit as I & some others once theorized)!

Mihawk & Crocodile

The reason I put them together in this part of the blog is because the only thing they have in common is that they have a hard time trusting others. But I am not sure if that is a weakness worth overcoming.

For Mihawk, I would like to know a little bit about his past, even though he won't gain any power ups at the same time, mostly because he is already an experienced swordsman, and has a bounty greater than every other commanders so far to prove it.

But for Crocodile, we could finally learn what his real secret is that Ivankov knows. And if he gets a moment where he reveals it to everyone who is with him, just like what I've discussed with Hancock & Buggy, then he could also acquire either an enhanced Haki or awaken his Sand Sand Fruit.


Despite the fact that one of the antagonists that Luffy recently defeated is currently imprisoned in Impel Down, there are some people who theorize that Doflaming will escape & take part in the upcoming battles of the final saga. Regardless on how or why he would do it.

Now I can't say that Oda will give Doflamingo a moment to overcome his tragic moments. But if we do get any more of his backstory, we could learn more about the national treasure of Marie Geoise.

As for the power up, its very difficult for Doffy since he already awakened his DF. However, I would him to use his power in a slightly different way than what we got in Dressrosa. Such as how Walter C. Dornez from Hellsing Ultimate did it.


The last time we saw Teach was during a fight with his fellow former Warlord - Law. And even though we don't know exactly what has happened between them, there's a chance that he defeated Law, but has not killed him yet.

Now I don't know other what other backstory we may have about Teach. But whatever power up he will acquire, I am certain he won't get it fairly.

My final thoughts & opinions of the topic

To anyone who may have a hard time understanding what I have said until now, I just want to make it clear that having each of the Warlords remember their tragic moments won't necessarily offer them any power ups, although it could be interesting for them, and at least for Hancock & Buggy. However, I do believe that it will give them some of the best character developments they may have.

And even though they are no longer affiliated with the World Government, i also believe that Oda will give them a special role in the final saga, regardless on which side they will be on.

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