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Sakazuki’s Tiny Sword And His Hidden Identity

By now, I think we’ve all seen it…    Oh yes…that looks nice. What? Were you pervs thinking of something else?  So, anyways…I’m in the camp speculating that this a-hole is a member of SWORD. But not just any member. The LEADER! With a square like Koby being a confirmed member, I can see how that throws so many people off.

 Especially, since Sakazuki almost killed the young Marine at the end of the Summit War.   But I’d say this little stunt here is how Koby earned Sakazuki’s respect. If he’s willing to die for something he strongly believes in, then he might be an ideal candidate for SWORD. As shown in Chapter 556, Sakazuki seems to believe that every Marine should be willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of Justice.    So, if Sakazuki is such a diehard Marine, why would he create a rogue organization?   

Well…I believe so that he can circumvent all the bullshit red-tape in the organization. As Fleet Admiral, it appears that a great source of frustration for him is the bureaucracy he has to deal with on a regular basis.  As a corporate stooge, I can kinda relate. So, I can see him creating a side-group composed of Marines he can trust to fight for justice without having to call into Marine HQ each and every time. And to maintain a low-profile.  Based on the way Oda sketched him as a kid, Justice means a great deal to him:    

And perhaps as Fleet Admiral, he hoped to transform the Marines into the unstoppable force he has always wanted. Rid the world of every pirate. Nothing holding him back. But instead, he’s mostly been tied up with paperwork. Or meetings with bureaucrats. If he is a part of SWORD, he’s probably not as involved as he once was. If at all.   But if he is a part of SWORD, especially its leader, he may use them to seize complete control of the Marines. To hell with the Five Elders, who sit comfortably in the safety of Mary Geoise. 

While they take their sweet time making high-stakes decisions, Marines are needlessly dying. And I don’t think this is something that Sakazuki is going to tolerate for much longer.  Now, if Sakazuki were to successfully to split the Marines from the World Government, then what?  With the whole world in chaos, it would be quite foolish of the higher-ups to kill their top-cop. I don’t think any of the current Admirals could take over as Fleet Admiral nearly as effectively. And I’m sure the Five Elders are aware of this. So, they may let Red Dog (Akainu) break free from his chain and start tearing shit up. They’ll just deal with him later.  

The Passion of Sakazuki  I’m sure you’ve heard it said somewhere in the fandom that Aokiji has a warm heart but wields the ice devil fruit. And Akainu has a cold heart but wields the magma devil fruit.  In this post of mine from some weeks ago, I did ruffle some feathers in stating that Kuzan isn’t really that warm-hearted of an individual. Here, to piss off a few more folks, I’ll touch on why I don’t believe Sakazuki’s heart is exactly cold.    Sakazuki seems to be driven by passion. Meaning, he is guided primarily by his emotions. He is definitely shown as quite the hothead.   

As opposed to Kuzan, who seems to always maintain his cool. Not letting his emotions interfere with anything he’s doing.   Blue is meant to symbolize calm while the color red is often associated with passion.  With all that being said, I believe Oda assigned their devil fruits appropriately. Following the pattern that devil fruits match their owner’s personality. Sakazuki prides himself for passionately fighting for justice, absolutely, while Kuzan lazily does so. Showing a lack of passion on Kuzan’s part.  This, by no means, means that Kuzan is heartless. Just that he wasn’t nearly devoted to the Marines as Sakazuki is. 

That could’ve been the deciding factor in their 1v1 on Punk Hazard. As he said to Smoker two years later, on that same island…  On the opposite end, just because Sakazuki has passion, that doesn’t mean he has compassion. He sees the world through an idealized lens. A very black-and-white view. Almost like a religious zealot. All Marines are good, and all pirates are bad. There is no in-between. Anything that doesn’t fit his ideals, he won’t hesitate to snub out.    

Could be how he left this bonsai tree looking so bald…  In Conclusion  With all the red, hot idealized passion in his heart, Sakazuki has to be a part of SWORD. A way for him, and other like-minded Marines, to fight for justice without being bogged down by the bureaucracy within the Marines. During the timeskip, he may’ve appealed to Koby and recruited him in. 

Now, at his wits’ end as Fleet Admiral, he may use SWORD to cut the Marines free from the World Government’s control. Not necessarily to work against them. But to fight against pirates without having to jump through all these hoops first. He’s ready for an all-out war. A war that will make Marineford look “cute”.

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